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GoodNight Mayor



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Zikash - Motivational Karkat
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I decided to quickly record this because i’ve been going through a very tough time. Ive been told I have a good Karkat voice so I did this. I hope you like it!



hi guys! i’m so happy to be here! thank you for letting me participate!



That’s right!
We’re looking for the rest of our friends to join us in this great place; The Land of Voice and Acting!

We’re a Homestuck voice acting blog, fresh on the scene. We answer asks, voice comics and prompts, and.. well pretty much anything and everything! But we’re still looking for a lot of our friends!
Want to join in on the fun? We’d LOVE to have you! Take a look at our auditioning info and cast list, then drop us an audition!

Hope to see you all soon!


i made a new personal blog


this creature talk is great

i bet some of tumblr is pretty pissed about it